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The brains behind the Gherkin to solve the Square Mile’s pickle

Posted at 8:00 am, March 27, 2013 in News
The Gherkin (c) @londongherkin

The brains behind one of the city’s favourite buildings, the Gherkin, has recently announced plans for a new project. Ken Shuttleworth is waiting for the go ahead to build the tallest skycraper in the Square Mile to date, taking over the prime plot which was originally reserved for the Pinnacle. Remember that? Yeah, we didn’t either. Mainly because the Saudi Arabian-backed project came to a crashing halt along with the economy back in 2009 leaving the lot open to Shuttleworth’s plans. With hopes to go above and beyond the Gherkin by almost 100 metres it will be quite a tall order, but we think Ken is more than up to the job. Adam Bloodworth

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