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Black Death victims get in way of high-speed rail workers

Posted at 5:30 pm, March 28, 2013 in News, Transport
14th Century burial ground discovered © Crossrail

Construction workers find a lot of clutter when un-paving the streets of London but we hadn’t thought there were many undiscovered skeletons in London’s earthy closet. Last week, over a dozen human bodies were found below the City’s Charterhouse Square, all of which are believed to be plague victims from the 17th century. The undiscovered Black Death pit – which included individual graves – was unearthed by engineers working on a new tunnel for the high-speed Crossrail Project which is planned to open in 2018. These aren’t even the first bodies to be found during the project – more than 300 burials were uncovered near London Liverpool Street. Though the discovery does reflect the bleaker times of London’s past, it could also provide answers to what exactly caused the plague epidemic in the first place. But put down that surgical mask – we’re at no risk of infection and there will be no curses or ramifications from disturbing the grave so you’ll have to get all Indiana Jones elsewhere. Adam Bloodworth

For more info, see crossrail.co.uk.

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