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Take part in the ultimate Easter Eggstravaganza this Friday

Posted at 10:00 am, March 28, 2013 in Fun London
Egg Roll © Alex Simmons

The Lost & Found Egg Roll is an Easter institution that’s burst out of its shell every Bank Holiday Friday for the past seven years. Organised by a collective of professional wallies who spend the summer putting smiles on faces at festivals like Bestival and Secret Garden Party, this informal gathering at the top of Primrose Hill makes better use of the humble egg than an entire series of The Great British Bake-Off.

The main event is the roll of course – one for grown-ups and one for kids – which kicks off 2.30pm sharp. The aim of the game is to get your egg down the hill first and in one piece, so make sure to paint yours in go faster stripes to pick it out of the eggy melée.

Egg Roll © Jim Hanner

As well as 3-legged egg and spoon races, there’s also Russian Roulegge which can go one of two ways for its brave participants – either a safe hard-boiled squish to the forehead or the wild splatter of raw protein all over your face for the unlucky ones…

Egg Roll © Jim Hanner Egg Roll © Jim Hanner

Because of the cold, the eggcitement moves indoors to The Washington pub nearby for the eighth annual Best Dressed Egg Competition. With previous winners including Freggy Kruger and Eggward Scissorhands, competition for the top prize is clucking ridiculous…

The Eggs Factor

Egg Roll © Jim Hanner

The Egg Foo Yung Fighters

Egg Roll © Jim Hanner

…and last year’s Damien Hirst-inspired winner…

Egg Roll © Jim Hanner

After all that (and because the Oval Space and King’s Cross mega-club Egg were booked), the party moves on to Hysteria from 6pm for an evening of disco-fuelled silliness. Totally free – no eggspence spared. Oliver Keens

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