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#wordonthestreet: what you’ve overheard in London this week

Posted at 8:00 am, March 28, 2013 in Fun London

Another week, another fistful of slightly unsettling out-of-context overheard bon mots. Enjoy!

‘Stigmata? That’s something to do with bees, innit?’

‘Bollocks did you not know I liked coke and partying! You KNEW I worked in fashion!’

‘You won’t catch me signing up for a cheaper energy tariff. I want the best electricity there is.’

‘Angels are NOT the same thing as shadows. I can fuck your head with this shit.’ 

‘Declared my love for her. Yeah, told her I’d wet shave her.’

‘Babe, I’ll be in McDonald’s havin’ a poo, yeah?’

‘Hold on. I need to think about this in relation to my personal fitness regime.’

‘There are onesies in M&S. Society has finally crumbled.’

‘All the best people wear socks on their arms.’

‘Let’s do it like they do on the History Channel.’

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