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Lego robot wars at Drink Shop & Do

Posted at 12:00 pm, April 3, 2013 in Fun London

Lego Roboteers, stand by. In fact, stand right by the bar if you can, as Drink Shop & Do’s semi-regular contest is assembling once again to provide you with a night of alcohol, dancing and funky-coloured bricks.

Lego Robots’ rules are simple. In teams of no more than five people (statistically, every friendship group has a weak Lego builder anyway – it’s time to find yours). Your goal is to construct your dream Lego robot, make it superior to strangers’ dream Lego robots, give it a special ability, name it, and who knows – your little Brick-Tok, or Arnold Swarzelego could be the winner. As well as eternal respect from your Lego artisan peers, there are prizes at stake too, not to mention an abundance of cocktails and a dance floor to sweat out all that post-competition stress.

The tension (and Lego) will start building tonight (April 3, 7pm), at Drink Shop and Do, a short stumble from Kings Cross. The night is is free, so tables are destined to fill up fast, and as you know, every great artist needs their work space. Good luck. Sophie Hall

For venue info, see Lego Robots Facebook.  

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