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Time to remember What We Wore

Posted at 4:00 pm, April 3, 2013 in Fun London, Photos of London, Shopping & Style
What We Wore

We love the personal photos and stories on new website What We Wore, a people’s style history of Britain from 1950 to the present day. The project, founded in 2010 by Nina Manandhar and Cieron Magat, began as a regular slot on style and culture website ISYS ARCHIVE and has gone from strength to strength. Not only does it now have its own site, but it’s being turned into a book to be published by Prestel in Spring 2014. We chatted to Nina about the project and she explained ‘I love photographs taken by “subcultures photographers” but I think sometimes you can see a lot more subtlety and nuance in people’s own “amateur” photographs, because these images come from within the scenes themselves. Aside from looking rich and unique, the photographs trigger shared memories and serve to start conversations, so hopefully the archive and project will go on to have a life of its own beyond the book.’

What We Wore are looking for submissions of your outfits and memories from yesteryear. We asked Nina for five of her favourite London entries so far:

Philomena Clarke – Teenage skinhead turned Biba Girl

‘I love her knee-high socks and the fact that this is shot with the greenhouses in the background. It has a real suburban West London feel but also feels like something familiar, or from a Shane Meadows film.’

Jim Jackson and friends – Funktion at JJ’s – Clapham Disco Queens

‘JJ’s was a club run by Jim Jackson in Clapham circa 1978. They had their own magazine called Funktion. I have never before heard of JJ’s in urban London myth, but it looks like they knew how to throw a party.’

 Karen Savage – A 90s chick

‘I remember seeing this fingers up ‘Savage’ t-shirt in Select magazine when I was 12 and wanting it! Karen’s photo story to me really captures the essence of what it must have felt like when the creative, D.I.Y spirit of Old Street and Shoreditch was in its infancy, and you can see the origins of the 90s look that’s come back into fashion recently.’

 Michael Dipple – Shabeen Style

‘This image of Michael Dipple is from the Lover’s Rock era. Through his pictures he recalls the days and nights in the shebeens of Notting Hill in the early 80s.’

Paul Dyson – Kings Road Crew

‘The New Romantic crew must have washed their whites in Daz. Both equally 80’s. This image of Paul Dyson and friends was taken in a night club on the Kings road in 1984. Paul claimed he ‘did the New Romantic thing – played keyboards badly in the band and posed nightly’.’

To submit email images to submit@what-we-wore.com. All submissions will be considered for inclusion in the forthcoming What We Wore exhibition and book by Prestel Publishing. For more info, see what-we-wore.com.

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