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Venture up the Orbit at long last

Posted at 3:00 pm, April 3, 2013 in Fun London, Olympics & Paralympics

Very few people were lucky enough to get up the Orbit sculpture during the Olympics because tickets sold out faster than Usain Bolt runs to a bus stop (sigh, we’ve missed Olympic metaphors). But fret not, because you can now go on a tour to see how they are transforming the Olympic Park construction into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park, which will include a little trip up Anish Kapoor’s 115 high structure.

You won’t get to gawp over the Olympic buzz but you will get to don safety workwear and be part of the ‘Onsite Team’ which should make you feel like you’ve scored backstage access. The viewing platform is at 85 metres above the park and provides an amazing view. Take a pic and send them our way. Jude Brosnan

See for yourself by booking tickets at noordinarypark.co.uk.

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