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Night of the Trailers returns to the Prince Charles Cinema

Posted at 4:00 pm, April 8, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

With 40 minutes of the most far-out vintage trailers and ads, plus a rare screening of the 1983 comedy ‘Get Crazy’, Night of the Trailers hits the Prince Charles Cinema on Wednesday April 10. To get you in the mood, we asked Night of the Trailers and Duke Mitchell Film Club impresario Alex Kidd to talk us through a selection of his favourites from previous Night of the Trailers events. The results may shock and amaze you.

Pulse Pounders

Alex: ‘A true rarity, this is a trailer for a film that was never released. This Charles Band-directed anthology film recently had its first story issued on DVD, but this trailer remains the only way to look at the film in its original form.’

Kojak Budapest

Alex: ‘I stumbled upon this 1980 comedy thriller last year. It’s Hungary’s own take on the legendary TV detective, and I loved its utter bizarreness so much that I had to make my own trailer to celebrate the simple fact that it exists.’


Alex: ‘Proof that not all cult trailers have to be violent, this family feature is possibly the worst-looking dog adventure story I’ve ever found. The weirdly staged post-screening vox-pop opinions of the kids and parents add yet another level of weirdness to this instant classic.’

Night Of The Trailers: 35MM Night Trailer

Alex: ‘Here’s my own trailer for the upcoming 35MM Night at the Prince Charles. Take a peek at some of the amazingly obscure and entertaining trailers I’ll be showing on the night as well as a few choice moments from ‘Get Crazy’. Remember, everything I’m screening is from 35mm!’

For more info, see facebook.com/nightofthetrailers and remember to keep checking timeout.com/film for more film clubs, festivals and wild one-offs.

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