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Get a sneak peek at Punchdrunk’s new production ‘The Drowned Man’ with their new trailer

Posted at 5:30 pm, April 15, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

Immersive theatre gods Punchdrunk have an epic new show opening in London this summer. Tickets for ‘The Drowned Man’ are currently on sale, with good availability remaining for August and September.

We don’t know a whole lot about the show other than that it’s set in Hollywood, it’s based on a Georg Büchner play and Punchdrunk set up a temporary clairvoyancy shop in Dalston to promote it. And this new trailer isn’t going to shed a whole lot more light on things either, but it does look cool as heck, and knowing Punchdrunk it probably subliminally contains the key to understanding the entire show. Or something. Anyway, just watch the thing, it’s only short.

For more info, see our listing for ‘The Drowned Man’

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