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In pictures: the need for tweed! London’s fifth annual tweed run

Posted at 2:15 pm, April 15, 2013 in Fun London

Londoners wandering around town on Saturday may have been confused by the fleet of tweed-covered folks on an array of vintage and pimped up bikes, but don’t worry, you didn’t do a Nicholas Lindhurst and step back in time. It was London’s 5th annual Tweed Run and Jude Brosnan went along for the ride.

The morning of a tweed ride is not the best time to discover you don’t actually own any tweed. After managing to pull together an outfit of plaid and pearls (plastic, obviously) I also learned that this exact moment in history is not the best time to accidentally dress like a certain Iron Lady. But, once I had borrowed some tweed and joined the other 499 riders I felt like part of the gang. And what a polite and stylish gang we were.

Some people were patriotic:

Some were super coordinated:

Some decided to flash a bit of leg – covered in argyle of course, we’re not monsters:

Some pedalled to the beat of their own… banjo:

And some couldn’t escape the paps:

But most of us were just there for the ride:

Even though some took it more seriously than others:

And after a long ride, we ended up in the pub for lashings and lashings of ginger beer.

 Stay tuned for a tweedy version of Secret London Spots with the Tweed Run London organisers.

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