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Let’s play ‘Spot the Sunshine Optimist’

Posted at 3:30 pm, April 15, 2013 in Fun London

So yesterday was the first proper day of sun. Double figures in the forecast does something funny to people and you might notice some subtle differences in the office today. It’s the perfect chance to play a bit of ‘spot the sunshine optimists’.

1. Summer Shoes

Foot fetishists must be having a field day with all these feet on display. Is that the rhythmic echo of flip flops we hear? Or, even worse, the heavy clomp of Crocs? Give yourself one point for every pair of rubberised shoes you see and you get extra points if they have those little charms stuck in the holes like Croc herpes. (The actual name for these charms is ‘jibbitzs’ ewwww.)

2. Fair weather cyclists

You’ll know if a colleague has cycled in today as they’ll be mentioning it. A lot. They’ll also probably have a helmet on their desk and one trouser leg tucked into their sock. Give yourself a point for each conversation, fashion and desktop faux pas.

3. Salads

No one wants to queue for the microwave and eat hot food when it’s sunny outside. Give yourself a point for every box of leafy green you see and award yourself double points if you hear ‘giant couscous’, ‘bulgar wheat’ or ‘quinoa’.

4. Visible bra straps

With your fashion head stuck in winter, the concept of pairing a summery top with an appropriate bra will be quite challenging to most people. Give yourself one point for every black bra/white t-shirt combo you see, two for thick bra straps under spaghetti straps and three for full-on, double strapage with a tube top or halter neck.

5. Smells

With the sun peaking through the clouds, you might be lucky and get a whiff of suntan lotion which will bring back lots of lovely holiday memories. If you’re unlucky, you’ll probably get a waft of BO every time the person next to you moves their mouse.

6. White Clothes

There is something about sunshine that makes people think they’ll be more careful drinking red wine, eating burritos and sitting on damp grass. Make the most of white clothes points as they won’t be white for too many more tube journeys.

7. Hangovers

Pimms and cold pitchers of beer are always a great idea on a warm Sunday evening but not so great on Monday mornings. If your desk buddy is still asking you to pass the ibuprofen by 4pm, you get double points.

Tot up your points and let the truth set in – spring is finally here.

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