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Psychic Sonya predicts the future of self medicating

Posted at 2:00 pm, April 17, 2013 in Fun London

"Look into my crystal ball" Psychic Sonya predicts the next best thing

Blog mistress and amateur medium Psychic Sonya looks into her crystal ball to find out what the next big thing is.

 Hello, Madame. What’s in your crystal ball this week?

Something light and fluffy approaches gently on the horizon.

Oh no, not more cloudy days?

Tsk, I’m not a weather forecaster! No, the puffy goodness I speak of is the humble marshmallow. The sugary pillow is set to become fashionable in medicine.

How on earth are marshmallows medicinal?

Long ago, Althaea officinalis (the marshmallow plant) was used to treat ulcers. Hence food experimentalists The Robin Collective will be running a pop-up ‘Marshmallow Apothecary’ at Boxpark until April 22. They’re offering a free health consultation and marshmallow prescriptions for ailments including malaria (gin and tonic flavour) and lacklustre libido (rose, ginger and chilli).

So, will marshmallows actually make me feel better?

I foresee zero genuine healing. Rather than being made from the marshmallow plant, they’re now pretty much just sugar and gelatine. They will revive the palate, though.

For more info, see therobincollective.co.uk.

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