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Celebrate World Circus Day but watch out for those pesky clowns (with gifs)

Posted at 10:15 am, April 20, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

Roll up, roll up and get your lungs ready to cheer, for today is a day of celebration and joy (or fear and loathing, depending on your point of view) because it’s World Circus Day. Every year, on the third Saturday of April, families are encouraged to enjoy the magic of the circus. Circuses have changed a little since the good-old-days when animals were mistreated and people with medical conditions were laughed at, as now we have world class acrobats performing in wildly extravagant theatres to crowds of thousands – a bit of an upgrade, don’t you think? So if you’re so inclined to celebrate today, why don’t you take advantage of some amazing shows London has to offer? Carly-Ann Clements

NoFit State Circus

NoFit State Circus

Taking place at Camden’s Roundhouse, NoFit State Circus’s ‘Bianco’ has been a massive hit and runs until April 27. But if you’re heading down, make sure to wear your comfy shoes as it’s a promenade performance.


For the saucier circus lover amongst you, head down to ‘Limbo’ at London Wonderground where cabaret performers including sword-swallowing Heather Holliday will be putting on a show that will surprise and delight you from May 7.

Cirque du Soleil

World famous circus Cirque du Soleil makes its triumphant return to London for it’s show ‘Alegria’ later in July.

Circus Experience Day

Rather be in the circus than watch it? Then why not book an afternoon of tightrope walking, acrobatics and juggling at Hoxton’s Circus Space?

Not a fan of the circus? We can’t really blame you. Not when there’s the possibility of bumping into a terrifying clown.

Yes, Ronald McDonald may be a clown:

And they’ve been used in Children’s entertainment for aeons:

And David Bowie even had a go at clowning around:

But let’s face it, their really scary:

I mean look at them:

No, really, look at them:

They’re so scary, even friendly clowns like Fizbo are frightening: 

Clowns are so terrifying, even fake clowns can provoke a response:

There wouldn’t be films about how creepy they are if they weren’t actually fear inducing:

And the Joker wouldn’t be a very good villain if he wasn’t menacing:

But do you know what’s worse than psycho clown? Zombie clown:

And do you know what’s worse than zombie clown? Sneaky clown:

So have fun today and whatever you do, don’t have nightmares:

Happy World Circus Day!

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