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#wordonthestreet: what you’ve overheard in London this week

Posted at 5:30 pm, April 26, 2013 in Fun London

You guys have been at it again. We’ve picked some of our favourite things you’ve overheard this week. Enjoy!

‘West Ham isn’t short for West Hampstead? Are you sure?’

‘The place always smells of shit or bleach. Hope we get a bleach night.’

‘What’s “Beetroot” in English?’

‘Megan Fox has my bum, ok?’

‘If a smoker had to give me mouth-to-mouth, I’d like, literally DIE.’

‘He’s got a horse mask on, he’s got his cock out, he’s pissing on my best friend.’

‘When the golden egg lands, you want to make the biggest egg possible.’

‘About as subtle as a fart in the bath.’

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