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250 stolen bikes discovered in Hackney

Posted at 2:30 pm, April 29, 2013 in News
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If you’ve ever had a bike stolen you’ll know the feeling. The one where you look at the place where you DEFINITELY locked your bike which is now horribly empty. Maybe you’ve got the wrong lamppost, bike stand, rail, street? It’s a sinking feeling. It’s an ‘I’m going to look like such a dick getting on the tube with a helmet, high-vis jacket and sad face’ feeling. You’ve probably not got your Oyster card which means you’ll have to pay even more for a retro style ticket. After you’ve made the futile call to get a crime number and heard a ‘we’ll let you know if it turns up’ reply, there’s nothing you can do but sit on the Tube thinking about your trusted steed being dissected and sold while hoping that karma gives your bike thief a really terrible affliction.

If this sounds familiar and you have been a victim of bike theft, there is a small glimmer of hope…

250 bikes and parts have been found by police after a raid on a property in Clapton believed to be a base for thieves to bring bikes to be prepped for resale. A number of arrests have been made and now Hackney police station would like to reunite these bikes with their true owners by holding some open days. Just bring along some photographic evidence that it’s your bike along with proof of purchase. Jude Brosnan

The next open day is on Wednesday May 1, call 020 8721 2836 to book an appointment.

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