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London says ‘Thank You’

Posted at 7:30 am, April 29, 2013 in Fun London

With all the manic hustle, bustle and commuter agro, London can sometimes seem like a thankless city. But our city is actually packed with wonderful folks, most of whom are in a hurry. If you need reminding of this, allow us to introduce you to Oliver Rees. Did someone help you pick up your shopping when the bag split but disappeared before you could say ‘thank you’? Did a stranger give you a travelcard they weren’t using anymore but you were in a rush so just shouted an insincere ‘cheers’? Well, here’s your chance to acknowledge people’s kindness. Thank You London is a simple website where you can pin a message of gratitude on a map of London with the hope that the intended person reads it one day. The messages can be as cryptic or detailed as you wish and even if you don’t have anyone to thank, it’s just nice to browse to get a warm, fuzzy feeling. Head over now and leave a message; it might make someone’s day. Carly-Ann Clements

For info, see thankyoulondon.co.uk.

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