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A moving experience: enjoy these cinemagraphs of London crowds

Posted at 10:00 am, April 30, 2013 in Photos of London
Nicolas Ritter - One

Here’s a treat for the eagle-eyed – Nicolas Ritter‘s cinemagraphs of London crowds. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll notice a solitary figure moving amidst the stillness. It’s lovely stuff – click any image to enlarge it and appreciated the detail!

Nicolas Ritter - One

Nicolas Ritter - OneNicolas says:  ‘I shot the images about a year ago, when I lived in London for half a year as an exchange student.

I’d placed my camera on a tripod in areas where there is a lot of crowd movement, and record video clips of a few seconds. Afterwards, I looked through the footage for people who did a repetitive motion of some sort -scratching the head, tapping the foot, or something that still looks natural if played in a loop. Of course, I could have taken any movement and played it back and forth, but that would have resulted in the unnatural forward/backward look that I was trying to avoid.

The hardest part was editing the frames. When other people cross the little section of the image that you are looping, it gets a little tricky juggling around with 100 Photoshop layers!’

Nicolas Ritter - One Nicolas Ritter - One nicholas-ritter-one-4 Nicolas Ritter - One Nicolas Ritter - One

Thanks again to Nicolas Ritter for sharing his images.

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