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Sydenham man finds out he’s related to Abraham Lincoln

Posted at 8:00 am, May 9, 2013 in Fun London, News

Man finds out he's Abe Lincoln's relative
Daniel Day Lewis may have tried to cram as much Lincoln into him as possible during Spielberg’s biopic last year, but Robert Gilchrist from Sydenham doesn’t need an Academy Award to feel a bit presidential. Upon a routine check of family trees in an ancestry magazine, he happened upon the unlikely news that he was related to the 16th president of the United States.

From retired civil servant to eighth cousin three times removed of Abraham Lincoln, Robert was ‘flabbergasted’ to learn the news. ‘When I told my family, they had a similar reaction to me as in: “this kind of thing does not happen to people like us”.’ As a result of his new found favourite cuz, the Illinois Office of Tourism have invited Robert to the Midwest for a trip to visit Mr Four Score and Seven Years Ago’s resting place on Independence Day. ‘Lincoln was such an influential figure in American history highlighted by his abolishment of slavery.’ Robert enthused. True dat. Excuse us while we pop on Google right now and see if we’ve got a secret great aunt out there that was on X-Factor. Sophie Hall

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