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Apocalypse London morbid treasure hunt

Posted at 1:30 pm, May 10, 2013 in Fun London, Secret London
Apocalypse London

Do your friends ever call you a killjoy? Pah. Don’t let your love of apocalypses get you down: celebrate your morbid fantasies with Apocalypse London, the end of the world treasure hunt you’ve surely been hankering after.

Apocalypse London has been floating around for a while now. What with all those unruly Mayan predictions, who fully knows when exactly the big day is actually going to come? But it’s important to be prepared, so why not rock up to London Metropolitan Archives on Saturday May 11 and indulge in some chatter about the history of London’s pitfalls. Once all the learning is done, you are then invited to explore London on a treasure hunt through the city to explore horrific events, such as plagues, (WOO!) fires, (AWESOME!) devastating invasions (POW!) and much, much more.

The event is a humble £10 and you are encouraged to bring a picnic. Can’t face all that end of the universe despair on an empty stomach now, can we?

See apocalypselondon.eventbrite.co.uk for tickets.

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