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Change the pace with Slow Food Week

Posted at 12:30 pm, May 30, 2013 in Food & Drink

Fast is good, right? Fast cars: good. Fast track: definitely good. Fast women: good (ok, the jury’s out on that one). Fast food… well… not always. It’s time to slow things down and get away from mass produced food that we eat simply because it’s quick and cheap, as recent food scandals have ably demonstrated. And there’s no better time than Slow Food Week, nine days (yes nine – a ‘week’ goes slower than usual with these guys) dedicated to the celebration of Not-So-Fast-Food. You’ll find special events on throughout the week, such as a banquet of ‘forgotten foods’ (ingredients in danger of extinction) led by top chef Richard Corrigan; or a ‘slow food tour’ of Borough Market.

In the meantime, why not embrace the ‘slow food’ ethos at home – ask your grocer what’s in season, ask your butcher what’s locally-farmed (or, if you’re heading off to a supermarket with no-one to advise you, check out www.eatseasonably.co.uk before heading out, and look at packets to see where food has come from). If you’re really keen, you can even cook up your own feast of forgotten food. Because, when it comes to what we put in our bellies, we hope that the tortoise still gets to win the race. Tania Ballantine

For info, see slowfood.org.uk.

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