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Love pawn and punching people in the face? Then chessboxing is for you

Posted at 1:15 pm, June 2, 2013 in Fun London
king cat plays chess boxing

Everyone’s been in board game feuds – from your parent’s divorce over Colonel Mustard to your sister’s plethora of scars resembling Monopoly figurines. Instead of crying over Pictionary and hurling your engagement ring off the millennium bridge screaming ‘It’s not in the dictionary! You can’t use names!’, leave the drama to a couple of dreamboats with wits and pecks.

Wu-Tang Clan might have sung of ‘Da Mystery of Chessboxin’, but what the freaking heck is it? It’s boxing and chess with a little added razzmatazz – which we presume is blood, sweat and tears. Ten years ago, a Dutch performance artist held the first match in a church, inspired by a comic strip from writer Enki Bilal, and it was a knock out. It spread to Berlin, where one special Londoner saw it and brought it home with him and now he’s getting a big, balling cheque, mate.

Next Saturday (June 8) at Scala King’s Cross, Sergio ‘The Phoenix’ Leveque will take on Mark ‘The Hammer’ Pilkington in 11 alternating rounds of boxing and chess with the winner being crowned from a knockout or checkmate. Live cabaret and DJs will provide entertainment at the intervals and there’s an after party until 3am.

So if you’ve ever wanted to upper-cut a grown man’s jaw for taking your queen or see pawn in public, live vicariously through Chessboxing and risk no jail time. Kate Enright

For more details and to buy tickets for just £15, see timeout.com.

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