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Tweet hearts: our fave submissions from ‘London Wall W1W’

Posted at 8:00 am, June 5, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Technology
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You know our regular column Word on the Street? Well, it seems that an artwork’s gone on show whose cut is of a similar jib. Thomson & Craighead’s ‘London Wall W1W’ takes tweets from a one-mile radius of W1W (the postcode of the Carroll/ Fletcher art gallery hosting it until July 6). And it turns them into fly-poster style entries on a massive wall.

Why? Apparently, these tweets are a ‘snapshot of the thoughts and ideas floating in collective minds and imaginations of Fitzrovia and Soho’. Exactky what we’re going for with Word on the Street. Definately not smiling at how puerile/mad London’s conversations are, you understand.

Totally just saw Fatima Whitbread on a Boris Bike.’ Posted by Scott, April 29.

‘Life’d be so much easier if spiders could talk.’ Posted by Hi I’m Jess, April 7.

‘Wouldn’t it be great if the front of the top deck on the buses had a horn passengers could use?’ Posted by Tom Payne, April 17.

‘Fortnum & Mason continues to sell Britain back to itself as a tasteless parody. It’s what she would have wanted.’ Posted by Ganeshprojoy, April 10.

‘Don’t know if it’s because I look like a stereotypical grandson from the 1950s, but I seem to be inexplicably popular with OAPs.’ Posted by Jack Tindale, May 15.

‘A tramp just spat at me. Happy Wednesday everyone!’ Posted by Beth Hodgen, May 15.

‘Any Londoner using the term Noho should be given a clip round the plughole. It’s called Fitzrovia, you plonker.’ Posted by Smorgasbord, April 7.

‘I feel that there is not enough yodeling in the universe.’ Posted by @_Gemma, May 9.

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