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LEGO Tube maps past, present and future – coming to a station near you

Posted at 4:30 pm, June 12, 2013 in Fun London, Maps, Transport
LEGO Tube map, Kings Cross St. Pancras

We all love LEGO. Whether you’re four or 40, those little colourful bricks will forever have a small place in our hearts. Therefore you will be pleased to know that London Underground has decided to continue its 150th anniversary celebrations by displaying five LEGO tube maps across the city.

LEGO Tube map, Kings Cross St. Pancras

Each of the maps will show a different point in the London Underground’s history, spanning from 1927 to what the future will have in store for us in 2020 (this one went on display this morning at King’s Cross St Pancras station). Each map took four days to build and is made up of over a staggering 1,000 LEGO bricks.

If you want to see brick by brick how our beloved Tube network has changed over the years, get down to King’s Cross St Pancras station, South Kensington, Green Park, Stratford and Piccadilly Circus for a closer look.

LEGO Tube map, Kings Cross St. Pancras

For information on the LEGO tube maps visit the Transport for London website.

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