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No More Page 3 parliament protest

Posted at 5:00 pm, June 12, 2013 in News, Shopping & Style
Caroline Lucas wears a No More Page 3 t-shirt

Today Caroline Lucas, Britain’s only Green MP, wore a No More Page Three t-shirt during a parliamentary debate while speaking on sexism in the media. She was supporting the campaign to get bare boobs out of The Sun newspaper, which has already got a lot of support, with 104,763 petition signatures and 16,311 Twitter followers. Sadly, Lucas was ordered to cover up her political t-shirt because according to Jimmy Hood, the MP chairing the session, she was in breach of Westminster’s dress code.

The controversial t-shirt harks back to ’80s fashion designer (and serial sloganist) Katherine Hamnett’s work, which will (also) be on display at the V&A’s upcoming ‘Club to Catwalk’ exhibition. The show, opening on July 10, will celebrate Katherine Hamnett and her risqué fashion peers (including Betty Jackson, Wendy Dagworthy, John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood) who weren’t afraid to make strong political statements with what they wore, either. You’re in good company, Caroline.

Find out more about the exhibition at vam.ac.uk and read Caroline Lucas’s letter asking authorities to stop stocking The Sun.

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