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Short for cash this Father’s Day? Time Out has got you covered

Posted at 11:15 am, June 15, 2013 in Fun London
Short of money?

Counting your pennies this Father’s Day? Fear not – we’ve got cheap alternatives to the gizmos your pops had his eye on so that revival of The Backstreet Boys’ ‘My Love is All I Have to Give’ you had planned is unneeded. Instead, surprise him with a gift that says ‘I’m broke, but I love you.’

An alternative to Google Glass

Google Glass.

Your tech-savvy Dad has left hints for months and is now talking to his glasses. Meanwhile, your payday champagne binge has you on a diet of canned food. Don’t worry, we’ve gotcha. Tama-gotcha.

It won’t take a photo, give directions or make him look like a robot from the future, but it will remind him of a time he fed and took care of an adorable, helpless being (naw).

Instead of a toolset…


Your dad’s dreaming of drills and you’re having nightmares about bills. Why not dissolve gender stereotypes while saving that dough-ray-mi with a set of tool-shaped earrings? It will add glamour to his DIY outfit, and you can have a bonding session as you pierce his ears.

Man’s best friend

Man's Best Friend

We know it’s weird but bear with us. If your Dad’s been hinting at a new K9 companion, surprise him by drawing a face on a shoebox. What? It looks practically the same. (This was a real suggestion given by one of our Dads, by the way. We know what he’ll be getting on Sunday.)

Membership to a Golf Club


Membership to a Golf Club


He’s been fantasizing about green fields, white balls and man time, but in your thoughts is the cost. Good god, the cost. Dodge a hefty membership fee by signing him up to another very popular club – the Tesco club card.

A Cruise

A Cruise

While a month-long cruise round the Mediterranean may be off the cards, Thames Clippers is offering free mini-massages for dads on selected travel routes – clearly the next best thing. He’ll feel adrenaline-fuelled and relaxed at the same time.

It’s hard buying a present for the man who gave you the greatest gift of all, so remember whatever you choose it’s the thought that counts. We love you dad! Kate Enright

Here’s some other more expensive ways to celebrate Father’s Day in London.

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