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Get a Taste of London in Regent’s Park this weekend

Posted at 8:00 am, June 17, 2013 in Food & Drink
Taste of London

In a dream world, the taps would run with red wine and the streets would be paved with cheese. But in reality we know that would be our fast track to gout. Luckily for our health, we don’t have the cash to splash on London’s finest cuisines and tipples when its not a birthday celebration (of someone you really like, at that), but we could never turn down the chance to try the goods of some of the flashest food addresses in the city. Taste of London festival gathers restauranteurs from the likes of Sushisamba, Bar Boulud and Maze, high-end food brands and chefs such as Raymond Blanc, Michel Roux Jr and Bruno Loubet into a tidy corner of Regent’s Park to present their best dishes, products and skills respectively. Tickets allow access to chef demonstrations, brand tasting sessions and a whole load of stalls selling foodstuffs that you would never even think of buying from the supermarket but somehow seem a necessity in this situation. Taster dishes from the restaurants cost extra though, so if you don’t watch how many ‘Crowns’ you’re spending (yes, even the currency is exclusive) it’s not that tricky to spend as much as you would on a proper meal. Inside. With table service. And full-size portions. But it’s all about the day out, and trying to nail enough tasters that you’ve guzzled your ticket’s value before they take the trays away.

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