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Is this the nerdiest tube app yet?

Posted at 6:03 pm, June 18, 2013 in Transport
Station Master London travel app

A couple of weeks back we told you about CityMapper – by far the slickest, most intuitive, most downright useful travel app ever to grace the capital’s smartphones. The honeymoon period has been fantastic – oh, the journeys we’ve had. The 38 to Dalston Junction. Central line to Tottenham Court Road. It’s been ruddy magical.

However, we’re a fickle bunch and as such have to admit that our eyes have been straying toward a hot new piece of technological crumpet – Station Master. The culmination of a year’s research, the emphasis here is less on showing you how to get where you’re going (although its ‘best exit’ feature does that very well indeed) and more about slackening your jaw with maps, statistics and facts, all of which it has in mind-blowing depth and detail.

Want to see what Piccadilly Circus station looks like as a 3D model (or any other in zone one, for that matter)? It’s right there. Keen to know the exact number of steps from platform to concourse at Covent Garden? They’ve counted ’em. Essentially, it’s the answer to every tube-based question you’ve ever thought of, and plenty more that you haven’t. Tube nerds, prepare to swoon.

Station Master is available from the App Store, priced £1.99

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