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Peek-a-Book: a smart way to read the classics

Posted at 4:30 pm, June 20, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Technology
Peek-A-Book Interactive QR Code

In collaboration with Penguin publishers, Apostrophe have launched Peek-a-Book today, London’s first ‘interactive Gallery of Literature’. Over the next 12 weeks, a vast collection of classic and contemporary literature will be freely made viewable to visitors of the Soho cafe in an innovative, artistic way. But if you wish to sample works from the likes of Oscar Wilde and Charles Dickens make sure you remember to bring along your smartphone, or a blank canvas of disappointment is all that awaits.

Why? Because what hangs from the gallery walls are old books that have been crafted into 3D artworks in the shape of QR codes. Featuring more than 60 classic passages of literature, the five 3D artworks designed by London artists each aim to cover a different genre: London Tales, Culture, Science, Stories and Big Ideas.

Each week a new book will be made available for each genre. For more info, see apostropheuk.com.

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