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Miaower of London: would you vote for a cat as mayor?!

Posted at 3:30 pm, June 25, 2013 in Fun London
Morris, YES WE CAT

It’s all well and good to grumble about Boris, but how would we feel if he was replaced by a cat?

Silly question (that would obviously be awesome) – but maybe not as silly as it sounds, as a kitty called Morris has recently been put up for election as mayor of a Mexican city called Xalapa. The black-and-white furball, who has a pink twitchy nose and whose election manifesto promises he’ll ‘eat, sleep and yawn’ if he wins, was nominated by a couple of students sick of their local politicians. At the time of writing, Morris had over 140,000 Facebook fans. Unfortunately, officials say Morris won’t be able to take the keys of the city if he gets the most votes (but hopefully he’ll get a good scratch on the belly).

Boris doesn’t have to worry about being ousted from his seat by a moggy just yet – the London mayoral elections aren’t til 2016. But we’ll know who to blame if cats start to go missing across the capital…

Flo Wales Bonner

Our poll results show that you would like Eddie Izzard for Mayor though!

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