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It’s a guessing game (set and match)

Posted at 1:30 pm, June 27, 2013 in Fun London, Outdoor London

We’re four days into the world’s best tennis tournament (yes, we do mean the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, by the way) and boy, are we already hooked. So far, we’ve witnessed the disastrous first-round exit of world number five Rafa Nadal, seen our best female British hope, Laura Robson, storm into the second round and already spotted Pippa Middleton in the Royal Box. And this is all before we’ve mentioned a certain Mr Murray, who we expect is currently making growly faces in the mirror ahead of his third round match against Spain’s Tommy Robredo.

With the Wimbledon spirit (and strawberries and cream) in full flow, we’d thought we’d serve up one helluva fun game for you Londoners. All you have to do is guess which tennis player is featured in the photos below. Go on, give it a go. It’s ace.

Who’s playing here?


Who’s this half-heartedly trying to kick off  The YMCA? She does know there’s no ‘L’ in the dance routine, right?


We know, we thought that too. But, no, this is not a picture of Usain Bolt on a tennis court. Who else could it be?


Is that a professional tennis player or a professional jazz hands performer?


Cheeky play on court here. Very cheeky, indeed. Who does she think she is?


What? That’s not the arm of Hulk Hogan or Peter Andre is it?


No comment on this one. Oh, ok, here’s a hint: we rooting for this guy all the way.
Liz Darke

For more information on this year’s Wimbledon, check out our guide to camping, queuing and live screenings in the capital here. Or find out 10 things to expect at this years championship.

˙ʎɐɹɹnW ʎpu∀ ˙9 ˙lɐpɐN lǝɐɟɐɹ ˙ϛ ˙ɐʌodɐɹɐɥS ɐıɹɐW ˙ㄣ ˙ɔıʌoʞoɾp ʞɐʌoN ˙Ɛ ˙ɹǝɹǝpǝℲ ɹǝƃoɹ ˙ᄅ ˙uosqoɹ ɐɹnɐ˥ ˙Ɩ :sɹǝʍsu∀

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