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Eat this: a life-sized cake replica of serial killer Dexter

Posted at 1:20 pm, July 3, 2013 in Fun London, TV

We’ve seen some weird cakes being made in recent months- STD and disease cupcakes, gory dismembered limb baked goods, breast sponges and train cakes – but no one has attempted to recreate a life-sized replica of a TV show character (that we know of). Until now. To celebrate the start of the final season of ‘Dexter’ this Sunday, food artist Annabel de Vetten created a the 5′ 10″ baked version of the serial killer Dexter Morgan aka Michael C Hall. The sweet masterpiece took 100 hours to make, weighed 105kg (25kg of flour, 16kg of buttercream, 18kg of sugar) and also used 24 eggs, 20 blood oranges and 20kg of sugar paste.

This got us thinking, we’d like to see more cake TV characters. Imagine the smooth icing on a cakey Don Draper? Or what about a sweet Alan Sugar or a sponge Simon Cowell? Tweet us who you’d like to see baked and maybe if we ask really nicely, Miss Cakehead will make our tweets become a reality…

See photos of the life-sized cake replica of Dexter at digitalspy.co.uk; watch the first episode of season 8 on Sunday July 7 at 9pm on Fox and read our review now

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