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No sweat at the Queen of Hoxton’s Sports Day

Posted at 3:00 pm, July 4, 2013 in Fun London, Outdoor London

School sports day inevitably brought about the same outcome every year: the skinniest winning the running and the biggest succeeding at throwing heavy blunt objects. For all those in between, we relied on perfecting a different combo of seemingly pointless skills (welly wanging anyone?!) in preparation for one day later in life when they would be needed. That day has come. The hours of tireless dedication are about to pay off with the arrival of No Sweat Sports Day this Saturday July 6 at the Queen of Hoxton.

The ‘Retro Sport’ theme will require teams of five to dust off their sweat bands, tube socks, neon and spandex and prepare themselves for the shot they missed back in the 90s.


Those arduous long nights down the pub will all be worthwhile as you take on 100s of other contenders at a thirst quenching game of Beer Pong. The mental resilience of competitors will be tried and tested by bouts of Rock Paper Scissors, and as the day draws to a close, if the teams still have any stamina, Tug-O’War will separate the weak from the strong.

Drinks and BBQ will be served throughout and DJs will provide music for those ‘Eye of the Tiger’ moments. The day will conclude with a ceremony presenting Olympic-style medals, along with other awards including Best Trash Talk and Best Dressed.

For info, see our No Sweat Sports Day listing and register your team now.

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