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Play the game, Sir: top tips for the Chap Olympiad 2013

Posted at 3:00 pm, July 12, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
Chap Olympiad

On Saturday July 13, The Chap Magazine and cocktail bar Bourne and Hollingsworth host the Chap Olympiad, an eccentric sporting event at which elegance counts for more than athleticism. Editor of the bi-monthly mag Gustav Temple offers vital guidance on not looking like a bounder.

1. A chap is a sprightly fellow-about-town who applies the mannerisms and dress of an Edwardian gentleman to the modern world. A chap can be a lady, but only in the privacy of his boudoir. A lady can, of course, be a chapette though. All she needs is a good suspender belt and a high tolerance for martinis.

2. At the Chap Olympiad you can expect laconic frolics on a sports field that contains leather armchairs, cocktail bars and butlers rather than vulgar sports equipment. Under no circumstances will stretch fabrics or riffraff be permitted on the grounds.

3. Bringing a picnic? Consider potted meats, quails eggs, lemonade, at least twelve gin cocktails, cucumber sandwiches and tincture of laudanum. Proper china, cutlery and glassware are a must.

4. We frown on any form of shouting, grunting or capturing the events on a field telephone. Polite applause when, for example, a chum shows exceptional prowess in Breadbasket Ball or the Passing the Port event is perfectly acceptable. Ladies are allowed to gasp during the Bounder Hunt but otherwise the same guidelines apply.

5. Dress code? Simply one’s most sensational outfit, as long as it incorporates neckwear (which must never, ever match one’s pocket handkerchief) and a hat, for the chaps. Facial hair is encouraged but it must be well-kempt. For chapettes, the sartorial standards are broader: vintage finery is encouraged as are hats, gloves and stockings, never tights. Stilettos are not advisable on the grass. Umbrellas are recommended for both genders.

Sat Jul 13 in Bedford Square Gardens, WC1B 3ES. Find out more at our Chap Olympiad 2013 listing.

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