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Blood, sweat and years: how long will you live?

Posted at 2:22 pm, July 17, 2013 in News
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Which Londoner hasn’t woken up after a night on the beer followed by an ill-advised kebab, convinced that they’re at death’s door. But now, thanks to scientists in the capital, it looks like we will be able to predict with far greater accuracy how much longer we’ve really got left on this fair planet.

Last week, scientists at King’s College Hospital identified key metabolites in the blood that could indicate how quickly a person might age, and how likely they are to get certain illnesses in the future. The ‘chemical fingerprints’ are left over from molecular changes that take place in the womb. A simple blood test could even give us an idea of how long we can expect to live.

According to Ana Valdes, lead researcher at King’s, ‘This may help us understand how lower nutrition in the womb results in faster ageing and a higher risk of age-related diseases.’

So, immortality is just around the corner. (But until then, maybe lay off the beer and kebabs, eh?) Flo Wales Bonner

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