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Is this the world’s smallest restaurant?

Posted at 10:00 am, July 17, 2013 in Food & Drink
Eden Fine Dining

With a little bit of tuck… It might just be. During Waterloo Quarter’s Food Festival, this tiny eatery is trying to break the world record for dinkiest nosh-hole (technical term). It’s so small the kitchen’s on the roof – chef Adrian Collischon of Eden Fine Dining rises to the occasion – and it serves just four diners, but it’ll take a while to see if its record attempt was successful or not. Here’s what Time Out’s very own Little and Large had to say…

Danielle Goldstein, Freelance writer. Height 5’2″.

Initial impression
‘Wait… where is it?’

Did you feel squished?
‘No way! Even when standing I had one lofty inch of headroom and the space for my legs was cavernous. In fact, add a telly and a duvet and I could have
happily lived in there.’

How was the atmosphere?
‘I imagine this is what zoo animals feel like: trying to eat while a crowd of bystanders gawp at the funny creatures in the box. But the food was excellent, with the goat’s cheese panna cotta managing to distract me from the crowd of onlookers.’

Is there a future for tiny restaurants?
‘So long as only four people are hungry at a time, I don’t see why not. Although, in a city of 8.3 million? That might get a bit tricky…’

Jonny Ensall, Music and Clubs editor. Height 6’4½”.

Initial impression
‘It looked like a romantic destination for overzealous mobile home enthusiasts.’

Did you feel squished?
‘Not really. It was surprisingly roomy. Although, in order to get close to the table, I did have to swing my legs to the side, like ladies do on TV chat shows when they don’t wantpeople to see up their skirts.’

How was the atmosphere?
‘Unusual. In fairness the food was delicious, but hearing the chef stomping about upstairs while he cooked it was a bit “Jurassic Park”.’

Is there a future for tiny restaurants?
‘Yes, but only if they become tinier – maybe toilet cubiclesize. In fact, I think sitting on the toilet while you eat your dinner is something that could really catch on.’

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