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London from above, in wobbly GIFs

Posted at 8:00 am, July 17, 2013 in Photos of London
3d london

We’re big fans of Jason Hawkes‘ epic aerial photography. (We even took to the skies in his helicopter once!) As he’s just launched a Facebook page guaranteed to beautify your News Feed, we thought we’d transform some of his gorgeous videos into weirdly-3D wigglegrams. For bigger, less dizzying versions, check out his website.

wbbl pic circus 3dwbble 3d nelson shard 3d 3d london HoP 3d london heron tower 3d london shrd 3d london eye 3d london 2 scratch picnight oxf stpaul gherk arena wharf shardset bt tower

Captured from videos on Jason’s Vimeo channel.

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