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Felix from Punchdrunk’s top tips for ‘The Drowned Man’

Posted at 12:00 pm, July 19, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment
"The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable"

‘The Drowned Man’, the new interactive show from immersive theatre legends Punchdrunk, is the company’s biggest show to date – so big as to be almost overwhelming, transforming an old building in Paddington into an enormous, spooky Hollywood film studio. Fortunately Felix Barrett, Punchdrunk’s enigmatic founder, is on hand to offer seven tips for navigating the colossal show.

1. Leave your friends behind and explore the building on your own – fortune favours the bold.

2. If you want action and story find a character and follow them.

3. If you want secrets and mystery follow your instincts and let the building guide you.

4. If a character looks you in the eye and takes your hand – go with them, you’re in for a treat.

5. Be brave, the more curious you are, the more you’ll discover.

6. Run, creep and glide through the building and let yourself get lost in a sea of ghosts.

7. Always trust Mr Stanford…

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