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No surcharge for sports: sign the Hyde Park Petition

Posted at 11:15 am, July 21, 2013 in News, Outdoor London
Hyde Park

After the Royal Parks put private company ‘Will to Win’ in control of the vast Hyde Park grounds, many sporting visitors will have to pay to play in one of London’s largest open spaces. A favourite for football friendlies, ultimate frisbee matches and family rounders, Hyde Park game-players in a group of eight or more may find themselves hit will a penalty fare.

A charity softball league who have played in Hyde Park regularly over a number of years recently discovered the sports charge and are trying to raise awareness of the issue and bring the park back to the public who use it. Kitty Knowles

You can follow them on @SaveOurSoftball, tag your tweets #SoSHydePark, and, if you don’t want to pay to play, you can sign their petition here. Find more parks in London.

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