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Leefest’s stately Time Out sculpture is up for grabs

Posted at 10:00 am, July 22, 2013 in Fun London
Leefest Time Out King

Apparently our old mags are the perfect papier mâché medium, and now, (with a little help from eBay), you could take home your own model monarch. At last weekend’s Leefest, creative collective ShellsuitZombie got together with street-wear brand 55DSL (Diesel’s little brother) to invite a load of arty makers and musical shakers to their creative area, StudioZombie. This included papier mâché sculptor The Great Sebaldo, and, with the help of a few hundred old Time Out mags, the London animator mashed and moulded this impressive ten-foot dude, ‘King Penniless the 1st’. Sebaldo made the chicken wire frame on site, and throughout Leefest festival-goers were encouraged to lend a helping hand.

Profits from the sale of ‘King Penniless the 1st’ will go towards Leefest’s charity of choice, Kids Company. Kitty Knowles

Click here to place your bid at auction and take home your own TO prince charming!

Our old Time Out’s are put to good use…

Leefest Time Out Sculpture

Sebaldo works on the giant monarch.

Leefest Time Out Sculpture

The final sculpture is fit for a King!

Leefest Time Out final

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