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David Lammy shares an inspirational Tottenham story

Posted at 4:00 pm, July 23, 2013 in News
David Lammy

In this week’s magazine, we ended up spending some time with the youth of Tottenham. And even the area’s MP, David Lammy, wanted to have his say. We asked him to pick the thing that he found most inspirational about Tottenham, and here’s what he plumped for: a bank that’s been converted into a restaurant.

‘Banc was opened by two young men from Tottenham, reinvigorating a building that had been derelict for over 10 years. They went to the school over the road and after completing degrees in marketing, got some money together to pursue their dream just metres from where they were educated. In a city of some fantastic but often soulless restaurants and an economy where swathes of young people are either unemployed or in jobs that give no security or satisfaction, what better story of optimism and aspiration is there than theirs? What better way to enjoy your food than to know that you’re playing a small part in the dream of two ambitious young men from Tottenham? And what better advert for the young people in Tottenham?’

For more info, see thebanc.co and check out today’s magazine for more inspirational tales about Tottenham.

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