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Digging for more than dirt with Crossrail at Stepney City Farm

Posted at 10:00 am, July 26, 2013 in Outdoor London, Secret London, Transport
Crossrail archeology

We’ve been into archeology ever since we sat marvelling at how Time Team dug up treasures every single week when all we could find were stones, worms and ring pulls, and at how Tony Robinson managed to decipher Phil’s hefty Bristol twang. Now London’s got its own chance to unearth treasures as we tunnel through literally heaps of soil to make way for Crossrail, and our depths haven’t let us down.

Tudor chamber pot, Crossrail
Crossrail have already found the foundations of a Tudor house, chamber pots and shoes just like the ones Henry VIII favoured, but now they’re enlisting the help of amateur archeologists to uncover more at their community dig at Stepney City Farm this week. Alongside Museum of London Archeologists, they’re working on the remains of the 15th Century Worcester Manor House, which Crossrail archeologists rediscovered during a previous dig. Go and admire their findings this weekend, as the site will be open to the public from 10am-4pm on Jul 27 and 28. Just please don’t use the chamber pots, or attempt Phil’s Bristol accent.

Visit the site at Stepney City Farm this Saturday and Sunday (July 27-28) from 10am-4pm. Tours take place at midday and 3pm.

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