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Live less ordinary: Jason C Woodman – a real-life merman

Posted at 6:15 pm, July 28, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

© Rob Greig

©Rob Greig

Dude, what’s the tail about?
‘I dress to distress. I was inspired by an underwater fairy called a nixie – it’s related to a pixie but it’s evil and it will try to drown you with a kiss.’

Right. And where would someone go to buy one of those?
‘I had it custom-made by a designer in America. I wanted a tail that was black like an oilslick. Most of the places I live in are underground, so black is my natural colour and environment.’

You live underground?
‘I spend a lot of time in my bunker. It’s an old WWII bomb shelter in Marylebone. Some of my friends rent bunkers too – there’s quite a few of us down there.’

So what goes on in these bunkers?
‘I use mine for my art – which focuses on male sexuality, body issues and gender variance.’

‘I have a piece called “Gross Indecency”. It’s photos of 144 men with their heads cropped off, and I’ve collaged pictures of genitals from Greek and Roman statues over them. It’s a comment on how men are judged on the size of their penises.’

How did that go down?
‘People love it or are terrified by it. Either way, job done.’
Interview: Flo Wales Bonner

Find out more at jasoncwoodson.com.

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