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An emerald finale for Open East festival

Posted at 4:30 pm, July 29, 2013 in Fun London, News
Green River Lea

Festival-goers who visited the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park over the weekend will have had a shock on Sunday as the River Lea turned emerald green for the evening. The weekend’s Open East Festival featured a vibrant programme of music, food, and theatre, but nothing proved quite as striking as the park’s fluorescent green stream. Loopy tutti frutti artists Bompas & Parr were behind the aquamarine stunt, titled ‘Chromatopsia: A Water Symphony’, which co-ordinated a hypnotic Glass Harp soundscape with a dramatic light display. Before you start worrying about the lasting neon effect, you’ll be pleased to know that the River Lea made like a pea through a spot of clever chemistry as harmless reactive dye in the water responded to light shone from boats. Maybe they can try it with the Thames next… Kitty Knowles

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