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Sounds of the city: London’s skyline in sound

Posted at 10:00 am, July 29, 2013 in Music & Nightlife
London skyline

Sure, we all know what London’s skyline looks like. Ever wondered what it sounds like, though? No, us neither. Nonetheless, internet company Fogg has decided to create a soundwave in the shape of our city’s horizon. The peaks and troughs of the file correspond to different iconic buildings, including Big Ben, St Paul’s, The London Eye and The Gherkin.

The track’s called ‘The Sound of London’ and is being dubbed ‘architectural music’ by its creators, whose hope is that this will ‘spawn a new genre’. But is it any cop? Will we all soon be frugging to banjo-folk evocations of Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre? Will hip hop producers start basing their crunking digi-beats on Harry Potter World? Unlikely.

But is it any good? Our critic Oliver Keens, deputy Music & Clubbing editor, says:

‘It’s a cute idea to recreate London’s skyline via the peaks and troughs of a soundfile. But why hire some little-known Dutch producer to write the tune? Prova has created a Tiësto-style trance mulch that sounds as regionally specific as a can of Coke being opened. If only he’d incorporated the real sounds of London’s skies – the whirr of the London Eye, the spherical echoes of the Whispering Gallery in St Paul’s, the tap-tap of Greenpeace activists slowly climbing the outside of the Shard. London’s dance music rules. We’re a city overflowing with imaginative electronic dreamers. Shame none of them were asked.’

The bottom line: A total skyfail.

Listen to it right here.

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