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Put your advert-addled mind to use with a fiendish name-that-logo quiz

Posted at 8:00 am, July 30, 2013 in Competition, Fun London
Do you recognise these brands?

If you’re a frequent Tube traveller you’ve probably stared at adverts underground for longer than you’d care to admit. Now you can turn that latent brand awareness into a year’s free travel with CBS Outdoor’s name-that-product challenge. Identify the 75 heavily zoomed-in logos and 75 (more easily Googled) straplines and you might just scoop their grand prize of £1,250, while those lacking in perseverance may be more tempted by the one-month and six-month travelcard prizes at the ’50 complete’ and ‘100 complete’ level.

Play the game at  150brands.co.uk – or try finding all the tube stations in this amazing picture.

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