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Top three Summer Lates happening this week

Posted at 8:00 am, July 31, 2013 in Fun London, Technology
Gauguin Nevermore

Strand yourself at The Courtauld Gallery’s island-themed late

Feed your sense of adventure from the safety of Somerset House as The Courtauld Gallery invites visitors to intrepidly explore its worldly permanent collection and post-impressionist exhibition ‘Collecting Gauguin: Samuel Courtauld in the ’20s’. The soundtrack for the evening will be a DJ set of ‘Courtauld Discs’, where guests are asked to select their desert island disc of ‘solace’ and comment or tweet it to have it played on the night.

Whether you choose to chill out with a cocktail from the Gallery Cafe, venture and voyage as part of collaborative art workshop Mapping Imaginary Lands, or enter the drawing competition, Postcards Home, to win a Courtauld goody bag, there will be plenty of curiosities to explore.

The Courtauld Gallery Summer Late will take place on Thursday August 1, 6pm-9pm. Tickets are £6. Or, dress as an intrepid explorer for free admission.

silent disco © Science Museum

Learn late night lessons on the Science of Speed at the Science Museum

With talks and tours, covering topics from the science behind conjurers magic to the World Solar Challenge 2013, time technology to fast-paced social media, this late should turn you into a lean mean speed-knowledge machine.

You’ll also be able to have your portrait drawn by a robot, be a Google guinea pig the Web Lab’s ‘Chrome Experiments’, and enjoy quick-witted comedy from Punk Science. For those hoping to challenge the sound barriers themselves, there will be a chance to accelerate into action in a timed Beep Test (lots of running) and a forties ‘Rollapaluza’ (cycling on the spot), and to glean tips from free running pros on leaping city buildings at ease.

It is only apt the the singles engage in some speed dating, and if all goes well you could always head to the Silent Disco to explore the science of motion first hand. With a speed machine derby and a speed cup stacking challenge there will be plenty of competition, and you can even test out your new found knowledge in the Museum’s Pub Quiz for prizes.

The Science of Speed Summer Late will take place at The Science Museum on Wednesday July 31, between 6.45pm-10pm.

Chelsea Physic Garden

Enjoy the evening breeze at Chelsea Physic Garden

Escape from the hurly-burly of workers leaving the office to the calming atmosphere of Chelsea Physic Garden, opened late on Wednesday evenings throughout August. This tranquil treasure trove of rare and unusual plants is the perfect sanctuary in which to spend your summer eve.

The second oldest botanic garden in Britain is home to pretty gravel pathways, statues and ponds, the largest fruiting olive tree in Britain and the world’s northern-most outdoor grapefruit tree. Don’t miss the seasonal superfood display beds, laden with the most nutrient-rich, unusual edibles.

Kitty Knowles

The Chelsea Physic Garden opens from midday daily during summer months, and stays open until 10pm on Wednesdays throughout August.

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