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D’you want a flake in that? House of Holland’s fashion ice cream van serves up hot clothing on the hoof

Posted at 1:00 pm, August 1, 2013 in Shopping & Style
House of Holland Ice cream van

Food trucks? Eating is cheating, my friend. Listen instead for the tinkle tinkle of House of Holland’s new venture, trundling to a neighbourhood near you. Introducing Mr. Quiffy, no – not a new type of toilet duck, but punky style upstart House of Holland’s ‘roving flagship’ – essentially a pop-up shop fashioned from a reclaimed ice-cream van, which from today will roam London hot spots vending choice bits from the brand’s latest collection. Think graphic clothing and accessories (prints courtesy of cartoonly designers du jour Craig and Karl) punted from the van’s window. The selection will consist mostly of items that do not require a fitting room – iPhone covers, tops and extras – as there is no room for a trying on session in the back of Mr Quiffy.

Henry Holland himself will get behind the wheel (and is forcing every member of staff to do so as well) to steer the good ship Quiffy around England, which make its first official stop in Covent Garden today, at the plaza at 5.30pm. If you can’t get there to be served up some nice cool clothing by Mr Holland himself, then you can make a stop at the label’s jazzily re-launched website.

Find out where Mr Quiffy is pitching up next by following @houseofholland on twitter. After a country wide (slow) road trip, the van will be back in the big smoke in time for London Fashion Week this September.

For once, if the van’s a rocking, do come knocking.

House of Holland Ice cream van

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