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Canal art: is it the new street art?

Posted at 4:00 pm, August 2, 2013 in Fun London
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It’s a tough time for London’s stencillers and fly-posters. Having run out of wall on which to broadcast vague opinions about capitalism and suchforth, the city’s guerilla creatives are embracing a new, wetter canvas: water.

Spotted bobbing around in Regents Canal last night (somewhere between Haggerston and Victoria Park), this floating sculpture appears to be taking a pop at the NHS. Or, y’know, ‘the banks’. Or the price of mannequins. Your guess is as good as ours.

Still it’s certainly a more creative solution to London’s shrinking wallspace than this, spotted near the Olympic Park in Stratford a couple of weeks ago:

© David Clack

David Clack

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