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Citywide zombie chase game ‘2.8 Hours Later’ returns to London this October

Posted at 5:15 pm, August 2, 2013 in Fun London
2.8 Hours Later London Zombie Game 2013

Everyone’s favourite run-through-London-trying-to-avoid-the-zombies game, 2.8 Hours Later, is returning to the city this October for a seven-night, er, run. For the uninitiated, expect to be moving on foot across the city, braving grisly set pieces in creepy locations and doing your level best to evade the undead.

The final point on your fateful journey is the Survivors’ Camp, where those who’ve been caught en route will be zombified, but don’t worry, the unbitten and undead alike can both enjoy the final party, featuring DJs, huge projected zombie shoot ’em ups and zombies vs humans dance-offs.  Here’s an excellent account of their Manchester game, with some stunning photos.

Earlybird tickets are £40 and will increase in price nearer the time, but if you volunteer as a zombie actor, then you’ll get to play for free!

Book your place in the apocalypse at 2.8hourslater.com.

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