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Hack the Barbican: 100 art and tech teams take over

Posted at 3:30 pm, August 7, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Technology
Hack the Barbican. Credit: siddharthkhajuria

This August Hack the Barbican will defy all ideas of conventional curation in London’s largest ever collaboration of artists and technologists (yes, that is a real word). The Barbican foyers are being taken over by a hacker army of computer scientists, sculptors, actors and musicians (and everything in between) who will create 100 site specific installations by the end of the month. 300 entrepreneurs organised the big hack through a series of open sessions over the past six months, and the anarchic programmes of projects, games and performances has had no central curation or commissioning.

Produced by The Trampery, there will be a halfsize replica of Penthouse 4C, the Barbican Estate’s largest apartment, a Ministry of Measurement in the basement cloakroom processing data from around the centre, and ‘Unmoored’, the rooftop weather station sending transmissions to the Barbican screens as an airship in motion. And keep your eyes and ears peeled, even the publicity screens and tannoy have fallen prey to the infiltrators! Kitty Knowles

Visit Hack the Barbican until August 31. There’ll be chances to see work-in-progress, experience completed projects, watch performances, join talks and meet the makers. Some projects are live for the whole month, others for shorter periods. Read on for the full programme.

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